flexViews is the brains and the brawn behind all our software applications, both those hosted online and those installed within internal networks. This web based propitiatory software designed and developed initially by Delta Software Solutions allows us to develop software applications faster with built in repeatability of key functions.

Built using the latest Microsoft technologies and coding languages flexViews is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool and runtime environment in one. We quite literally use flexViews to build flexViews based software applications. The benefits of this include:

  • The ability to make ad-hoc changes to software applications in real time without needing to shut the application down.
  • New flexViews features can be added to the core deployment and then are available for all our clients to make use of in future developments of their application.
  • No expensive software to be installed when making configuration changes and on site additions / modifications.
  • Can be edited straight from a web browser window.


Rapid App Development

  • Dynamic modification of application
  • Lower development costs
  • Meet time constraints
  • Phased delivery options
  • Import existing data

Due to flexViews unique environment setup flexViews software applications are built from within flexViews itself. This coupled with the fact flexViews is available from a web-server and application configurations are stored within the application database and not compiled as "The application" means that we can make changes to the application live. Therefore, we do not need to spend time after each change compiling and redistributing then reinstalling the application.

These methods allow us to cut application build time drastically and concentrate on the important things many of our competitors do not; planning, testing, training and supporting!

Integrate applications

  • Push data to other applications
  • Perform calculations across applications
  • Heterogeneous database servers
  • Pull data from existing applications
  • Use custom or existing API's

flexViews changes the way that software applications traditionally connect with each other. flexViews can receive and cleanse data from one or many data sources simultaneously before saving the data to the primary flexViews data set. At the same time flexViews will preserve data work flow in the primary flexViews application.

At present we have a number of API's built into flexViews including; Paypal, Ebay, Facebook and FedEx.

flexViews can also make data available to other applications via a host of built in methods including; export to Excel, push to another database directly, communicate with an external API, serve an XML page to name but a few.

Web based deployment

  • Internet or Intranet based
  • Access from anywhere
  • Multi point geographic servers
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime
  • No software to install

At present we deploy flexViews built applications via webservers that can be hosted locally on company intranets or via the internet and one of our managed solutions. We are currently developing an embedded version that we will deploy via a small hardware device (IOT).

Key benefits of using a cloud hosted web based platform include the dependability, accessibility and no requirement to install any software. This cloud hosted option also allows any web enabled device running a supported web browser to access applications 24/7.

Microsoft Technologies

  • Azure Platform
  • .NET 4.6
  • SQL Server
  • IIS 8.5
  • OpenXML

At Cloud Software Systems we believe that Microsoft technologies are at the forefront of the market and have a constantly evolving and dedicated developer channel that constantly pushes technology forward. We have a similar ethos towards technology and so the partnership works well.

Our primary delivery platform for our flexViews developed applications is Microsoft's Azure cloud server network. We believe that it is robust, dependable, secure and one of the most scalable solutions currently available. All of our hosted options and packages include the relevant Microsoft licences to help simplify billing and delivery.

Extensible applications

  • Designed to accommodate changes
  • Grows with your business
  • Add data fields within minutes
  • Customisable branding

Once we have worked with you and delivered your flexViews based application you may see areas where this could be integrated with your other business processes or where you may want additional modules or functionality added. One of flexViews unique features is the way we manage and deploy these future modifications and additions.

The unique flexViews environment allows our designers the flexibility to make changes and additions to your application while it is in use without having to take the application down for any period of time. This ensures the continuity of your business, something traditional software design processes cannot provide.

Secure data

  • Encrypted application data
  • Above industry standard encryption
  • Microsoft single sign-on capable
  • Automatic timeout
  • Role based access

The entire flexViews platform has been built from the ground up with security in mind. We use the Oauth encryption framework backed by a secure SSL connection and well maintained, pathed servers.

Dashboards & reporting

  • Report on any data
  • Flash and HTML5 versions
  • Export data directly to Excel
  • Uses filters to define data ranges
  • Report across multiple systems

Previously we had a separate reporting engine named flexReports that handled all our reporting and dashboard solutions. This reporting engine has now been integrated into flexViews and therefore all our flexViews customers can make use of these reporting solutions in their applications without the need for the expense of additional licences, user accounts and logins.

Our charts are all interactive with animated movement and click-able legends to show or hide lines or segments of data. In addition to this our charts all feature an export button that will allow you to save a full sized version of the chart or graph in pdf, jpg, png or full svg vector formats.

Mobile device compliant

  • Tested on multiple platforms
  • Touch screen enabled
  • Low bandwith optimised
  • Custom mobile screens available
  • No app / addons required

The flexViews browser based user interface has been written in W3C compliant HTML5 and CSS3 and utilises a custom framework specifically developed to render and behave across multiple devices and platforms.

Although we recommend Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer for the best viewing experience we have tested and regularly run flexViews on a number of other browsers and devices, including; Google Chrome on Windows 8, Iceweasel on the Raspberry Pi, Safari on Apple products including iPhone, iPad and Mac Air to name but a few.

flexViews vs traditional software development practices

We do not really compare our product to that of others as we really do not have any competitors that use the same methods. Our competitors either use templates that they modify to fit or develop complete bespoke solutions without the repeatability of the built in functions that the flexViews Rapid Application Development environment provides. Our competitors methods will require longer development times, larger test plans with longer test times and will have to recompile, redistribute and reinstall after every change or bug fix.

Our software is location and operating system independent and where it's not possible to get an internet connection or where an internal system is required we can either use a client's server or set up a server tailored to your requirements.

  flexViews Online Competitors Offline Competitors
Reduced development time
Built in repeatability of standard functions
Remote update / Real time modifications and additions
Online and available from almost anywhere
Mobile, tablet and multi device compliant
Operating system independent. Works on Windows, Linux, IOS etc